Cetus Trailer

Product introduction
Sojourn parameters: Hongdu h2400 top air conditioner, Truma 14L water heater, Thetford 76l refrigerator, Guangrun stove, single round sink, Thetford 76l refrigerator CS200 toilet, independent bathroom, 20A charger, 32 inch TV, 85L clean water tank, 85L gray water tank, 12V water pump, 100Ah battery, 100W solar panel, solar controller, 12V warm white 3wled ceiling lamp, DVD, 3.2 (with feet) sunshade.

Cetus is a big guy that can accommodate many people. The small car is recommended for large families with many people to go camping. The appearance size of Cetus is 7745 * 2360 * 2795mm. The body is made of aluminum plastic plate and black aluminum pattern plate. The car has a large space for a large family of six people to live in.
At the head of the car is a large U-shaped card seat which can meet the diet and daily needs of large families. At the top of the car are four storage lockers. The card U-shaped table can be lowered to form a big bed for two beds!
In the rest area in addition to the big bed made of U-shaped card seats there is a double big bed at the rear of the car for two beds. On the big bed is a large hanging cabinet and then there is an upper and lower bed on the left side of the car for two beds a total of 6 beds!
The toilet adopts the separation of dry and wet. Two large spaces are separated in the car. One is the toilet and the other is the shower. It is designed on the side of the double bed at the rear of the car!
On the left side of the door there is a console with a sink a refrigerator for RV and some storage space!
There are two hanging cabinets on the console and the power control system of the car. In the middle is a large TV set for RV which can be watched by the U-shaped sofa beside!
Sojourn parameters: Hongdu h2400 top air conditioner Truma 14L water heater Thetford 76l refrigerator Guangrun stove single round sink Thetford 76l refrigerator CS200 toilet independent bathroom 20A charger 32 inch TV 85L clean water tank 85L gray water tank 12V water pump 100Ah battery 100W solar panel solar controller 12V warm white 3wled ceiling lamp DVD 3.2 (with feet) sunshade.